Friday, December 19, 2003

I have to be back at work on Monday. What a waste. The university is more or less shut down and nothing is happening.
This is going to keep me from sleeping tonight.
Please come on a little vacation to Melbotisland.
and just when you were concerned about what to get that cute little compassionate conservative in your family...

for Jimbo, on his 28th...

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Just a little forewarning that The League will be heading to H-Town for Christmas and will not be updating until our return around the 1st of the year (Depending on how motivated we are, we suppose.).

Jim D. turns 28.
It's things like this which make me want to throw my hands in the air and give up.
The League does not know what this is. Does anyone have any info on this one?
We're that much closer to having a working android, my friends...

It's a Merry Christmas in DC Comics land.

Hi gang. Entries are in for the Holiday Contest. I'll probably be working on the reults over the weekend when I am not going through my 16 hour Lord of the Rings marathon, which I have promised my beautiful wife, Jamie. I guess this means that if you were just dying to enter, then you still can until the final entry is tallied.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

hey, team... Get in your entries for the Holiday Media Extravaganza!

There will be prizes!
Today marks the 100th anniversary of flight.

also check this out

Tuesday, December 16, 2003


But it's items like this which make me wonder what the alien archeologists will think when piecing through our trash heaps in 80 billion years...
The Dark Knight returns as a Dark Knight Returns action figure...
Tomorrow marks the final day to enter the Holiday Media Contest. Now, folks... I'm a little down about this. I have had only TWO entries. TWO!!! I am beginning to lose faith in Christmas, and I'm beginning to think 90% of my hits are, in fact, coming in from folks looking for pictures of Ann Coulter naked.

even a dark avenger of the night can take a few minutes out to enjoy Christmas. So what makes you so busy you can't enter the contest?

So if you want to help restore my faith in this little enterprise we call The Birth of Our Lord and Savior, then I ask that you, the Legion Members of the League, take a few minutes out and send in a submission. Rules for the Contest can be found here.

And there will, in fact, be prizes! Last time the winner got candy and a DVD I had laying around the house. So who knows what you could win? I have all KINDS of things laying around the house.

Monday, December 15, 2003

How I remained unaware of this previously, I do not know.

Hobbits + Nimoy = Pure Magic
Good story here on organ donation.

Kids, if you want me to get on my soapbox, this is the topic. Sign up and be ready to give up your eye-balls when you're called to merge with the infinite. Make sure you let your loved ones know you'd like your parts re-used, because unless they agree to it, they're going to throw all those useful parts into an incinerator.

There would be no Mrs. Steans if not for organ donation, so I'm kind of a fan of the whole idea.

Sign up.
Tell your family.
Try to keep your parts in working order.

It's going to be a Batty Christmas

So my Mom is nice to a fault. I mean, really. She has no system by which she decides people must be jerks, so she pretty much is friendly with everyone. Where most people have a filter which says "okay, that guy is weilding a meat cleaver and has a human head in his hand," my mom would tell him what a nice, clean cut he made taking the head off. It's only later that she will tell you that maybe that person is a little creepy.

Which makes things interesting at Christmas. Because The Kare-Bear pretty much invites anybody looking wild-eyed and dangerous into our household for Christmas dinner. Hence, the Steans family Christmas dinner, for the past several years, has had somebody who is pretty much a stranger at the table. I've learned not to question it too much, to mostly just grit my teeth and get past the whole thing by lubing up the brain with plenty of "Box O' Wine".

This year an entire family I am pretty much utterly unfamiliar with is going to be there for Christmas Dinner. Which is fine. We will have "Box O' Wine" on hand, and I will just keep it flowing until it's dried up and these people seem completely reasonable.

I'm not terribly shy. I do fine at work, and I do fine at the doctor and in meeting people... but I basically realized in my third year of college that I have absolutely nothing to say to most people unless I am given a topic. Work is great. The weather and sports are great. I shake my head a lot, laugh when there's an appropriate place to do so, and try not to freak out the squares. But new people in the house make me insanely uncomfortable. I feel like jumping out of my skin and hiding in the bathroom until the danger has passed.

The fact is, I moved out of my parents' house ten years ago, and as much as I'd like to feel like their house is my house, it isn't. It's their house to fill with their friends as they see fit. Which puts me in a curious position, because like most people who have parents, I am still thought of as "the kid" the second I step through their door. I'm not really a guest (I know where to find spare rolls of toilet paper), but it's also not my territory to protect. This standing means I should show some filial piety and shut the hell up about my discomfort surrounding whichever whackos are going to be telling me weird (and often racist) jokes over a plate of cranberry sauce.

My Mom tells me she likes a house full of people, and I assume she means "give me grandkids, you loser." But I have no plans, and I think kids smell like old syrup, so I'm in no rush. So until, I guess, my brother figures out a way to find somebody willing to have children with him, we are doomed to an endless cycle of folks willing to take advantage of my mom's hospitality.


boy, in rereading this, sounds like I have a nasty case of social anxiety disorder. Thank God for sweet, sweet liquor.
Happy V-Saddam Day, America!

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Turn on your speakers and prepare for the abso-ludicrous.

Thanks to Jim D. for this one.