Thursday, May 04, 2006


According to her own website, my old roommate and film school collaborator CBG is now great with child. Well, not "great" quite yet, but she's knocked up.

You can read CBG's account here.

You need to see the picture. The little critter looks so much like CBG, it's adorable.

Soon the world will be populated with a walking, talking CBG DNA replicant. Are we ready? Apparently the Bush White House is putting a plan into place. Expect word from Chertoff to be released this afternoon.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Infinite Crisis #7

The final issue of Infinite Crisis hit the stands yesterday. A lot of people aren't going to like this comic. A lot of people aren't going to like this series.

The League is not to be counted among these people.

The wrap-up to the biggest event at DC in 20 years was an absolutely mammoth undertaking, and, as such, it's sheer size and scope gives readers plenty of places to find problems. Did the story deliver? That's up to every individual reader to decide.

In the end, the series did what it set out to do, and that's to reset the DCU for the next twenty years of publishing history. Whether or not you liked how they got to that point is personal taste.

Jim was looking for my review, and I'll give it ASAP over at as soon as time permits. For now I have comics to read. Tomorrow night I have a Cubs/ D-Backs game to attend, so we'll see when I can get to my full, navel-gazing review.

Next week 52 begins. I highly suggest picking up the first issue.

Oh, and get this...

So tonight I was sort of reading comics, sort of watching the Cavs game. If you watched, you know this game came right down to the wire. With three seconds left in OT, my DVR switched channels on me to start recording "Mythbusters". Why? ABC can't set their @#$%ing schedule for "Lost" to 8-9 like the rest of the world. "Lost" is apparently so special it runs from 8:02 - 9:02. So my DVR can onlyhandle two channels at the same time, and for two minutes I was scrambling with the remote and I missed the end of the game.

Screw you, ABC, for not just broadcasting at 8:00- 9:00 like the rest of the civilized world.

I've been trying to finally add Leaguers to the blogroll, so please check it out to see if I missed any suggestions from the Mellies, or if one of you Leaguers has a blog or website I haven't added. I'll also add organizations, etc...

I've also updated the poll on the left menu bar.

And, if you haven't seen it yet, I've linked to the new Superman Returns trailer. Scroll down a bit. It's there.
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Go here. or here for different bandwidth, etc...

Thanks to SupermanHomepage for alerting SuperFans everywhere.

btw... in true comic-movie form, looks like the villain steals the show once again...

I think they're still saving the big guns for the actual movie, but even if not, this looks like the Superman movie I would want to see.


Nathan was the first one to send me the link via e-mail. Bonus points to Nathan for his Loyal Leaguerness

I was going to hold off, but, heck, why not...

I declare it is now officially



Here's an April article from the local student paper on AZRD.

read here

Monday, May 01, 2006

Free Comic Book Day

Hey, Leaguers... I would feel as if I were slacking in my crusade if I did not mention that this coming Saturday (May 6) is Free Comic Book Day.

FCBD is an annual event in the comic industry wherein publishers print up free copies of some great comics. The idea is to drum up interest in potential new readers and get current readers to check out titles they aren't sure they want to spend money on just to test the waters.

I can't guarantee what FCBD will look like at your local comic shop. I've seen some stores that did it up right for long-time readers and folks who came in to see what the big banner was for (Austin Books), I've seen some shops that are mostly interested in the new customers that the comics might draw (Atomic Comics), and I've seen some stores that didn't seem to understand the concept in the slightest (my very own local comic shop).

If you're in the Austin area, I highly recommend dropping into Austin Books (on Lamar) or Funny Papers (in Dobie Mall). In Houston, I recommend checking out any of the Bedrock City locations.

Comics which should be available will include titles for both adults and the kids. It looks like Gemstone is going to have some of their great Donald Duck comics available, so look for those. (I picked up "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" the other day. Good stuff. Seriously!)

Parents, this is your only wanring: comics are like movies, so do not expect for all content to be G-rated silliness. There's all kinds of stuff in those things and they don't have much of a ratings system. So take a look at what your kid is holding in his or her hand before letting them take anything home. Don't be a loser who decides to sue because you can't take two minutes to monitor what your kids are reading.

I just noticed some of the local shops in Phoenix will have some of my favorite writers and artists for signings, so Jamie may have to deal with me standing in line for hours on end to get Steve Dillon to sign my copy of Preacher #1 at Atomic Comics. Not to mention Michael Lark and Ed Brubaker will be at the Atomic Comics in Phoenix.

Man, these stores ARE doing it up right.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Some quick updates

For The Admiral... Here is further information on Marvel's new event, Civil War.

I've done some reviews of DC comics from last week over at

And, we left Lucy inside today while we went bowling and to the store.

I bowled a high of 142 and a low of 98. Jamie's high was a 136, and her low in the mid-90's. My low score is up for debate as on the fourth frame I missed the 8 and 10 pin, but the machine registered the bowl as a strike. Unsure of how to fix the computer error (and not really inclined to collect my imaginary strike) I got something lower. But who knows? Maybe I would have gotten a spare? I think God wanted me to have a strike, is what I think.

By the way, the Chandler AMF Lanes has the BEST musical selection of all time. I hadn't heard that much crappy nu-country in one span of time since leaving Texas.

Yes, we'd never before left Lucy to just roam the house while we were gone, but it's summer, she's a big girl, and I'm not going to stick her in her kennel anymore every time we leave. Apparently the separation anxiety was a bit much for her. When we got home, right by the back door, she'd barfed up all the grass she'd eaten in the backyard (she eats grass all the time). It was so sad, and so very, very gross.

I felt awful for the little squirt. She must have been so scared. Luckily, she and Jeff had managed not to kill each other.