Monday, May 01, 2006

Free Comic Book Day

Hey, Leaguers... I would feel as if I were slacking in my crusade if I did not mention that this coming Saturday (May 6) is Free Comic Book Day.

FCBD is an annual event in the comic industry wherein publishers print up free copies of some great comics. The idea is to drum up interest in potential new readers and get current readers to check out titles they aren't sure they want to spend money on just to test the waters.

I can't guarantee what FCBD will look like at your local comic shop. I've seen some stores that did it up right for long-time readers and folks who came in to see what the big banner was for (Austin Books), I've seen some shops that are mostly interested in the new customers that the comics might draw (Atomic Comics), and I've seen some stores that didn't seem to understand the concept in the slightest (my very own local comic shop).

If you're in the Austin area, I highly recommend dropping into Austin Books (on Lamar) or Funny Papers (in Dobie Mall). In Houston, I recommend checking out any of the Bedrock City locations.

Comics which should be available will include titles for both adults and the kids. It looks like Gemstone is going to have some of their great Donald Duck comics available, so look for those. (I picked up "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" the other day. Good stuff. Seriously!)

Parents, this is your only wanring: comics are like movies, so do not expect for all content to be G-rated silliness. There's all kinds of stuff in those things and they don't have much of a ratings system. So take a look at what your kid is holding in his or her hand before letting them take anything home. Don't be a loser who decides to sue because you can't take two minutes to monitor what your kids are reading.

I just noticed some of the local shops in Phoenix will have some of my favorite writers and artists for signings, so Jamie may have to deal with me standing in line for hours on end to get Steve Dillon to sign my copy of Preacher #1 at Atomic Comics. Not to mention Michael Lark and Ed Brubaker will be at the Atomic Comics in Phoenix.

Man, these stores ARE doing it up right.

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