Friday, February 20, 2004

In my post below about Survivor, I failed to mention the program which actually met and surpassed my expectations. But because it's PBS, there's no game, just an experiment.

THe show was Frontier House and I watched it the first time in the Spring of 2002. They've had other shows in the series. Manor House was a favorite of mine. But just don't be surprised when there's no contests and no immunity challenges. No prizes at the end. Just folks playing roles as assigned.

The idea of Frontier House was to take three families from different walks of life and see what life might have been like in the summer of 1883 in the wilds of Montana. There's still drama and conniving. The family from Malibu can't seem to get their heads around how NOT to muck with the experiment by trading with the one modern family in walking distance, the middle-class folks form the South do fairly well, but the family has a difficult time holding it together, and the young couple has their own fair share of adjustments to make (not the least of their dissatisfaction at having to end the experiment).

Nobody walks away with an Aztek, and nobody gets $1 million. But it's interesting to watch, and a genuine test of mettle. If any of the shows in the series come on PBS, they're certainly worth checking out.

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