Friday, April 02, 2004

Most people know that Superman's one true vulnerability is Kryptonite. But many people may not know that Kryptonite does not just come in your standard green. Kryptonite comes in all sorts of diffferent colors, each having a profoundly different effect upon the Man of Steel.

For a quick recap of the various types of Kryptonite and a brief description of their effect, you can click here.

Thanks to Randy who forwarded me this updated list.

10> Burgundy Kryptonite: Goes really well with Kryptonian beef.

9> Barry White Kryptonite: Changes Supes' voice to a deep,
sultry, seductive tone.

8> Titanium Kryptonite: Drops three strokes off your golf game!

7> Elevated Orange Kryptonite: Makes Superman panicky and
paranoid even though there's nothing remotely dangerous going
on around him.

6> Magenta Kryptonite: Turns Superman into a sweet transvestite.

5> Burnt Sienna Kryptonite: No effect, just a chance for the
colorist to *finally* use that crayon.

4> Red, White and Blue Kryptonite: Causes Superman to violate
essential civil liberties in well-meaning but misguided
attempt to fight terrorism.

3> Ecru Kryptonite: Just like White Kryptonite, but only
Supergirl and Lois Lane can tell the difference.

2> Chartreuse Kryptonite: Turns Superman into the only male on
the planet who knows what the color "chartreuse" looks like.

1> Chromium Kryptonite: Seals the victim in a polyurethane bag
along with a limited edition collector's card. May also cause
unexpected hair growth, new costumes, multiple spin-offs
and/or temporary death.

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