Monday, July 19, 2004

The 2004 Mellies, Day Numero Uno
This is too complicated.  Next time, we're doing one category and everybody gets one vote.
The thing is, you guys did a fantastic job, and thus...  I plan to share all noms and then announce the winners. 
'Cause I'm crazy like that, Leaguers.
Later I'll be posting links back to everybody's blogs for bloggers who sent in a nom.
TODAY'S CATEGORY:  Most Loathsome Celebrity

Jim D.

Paris Hilton - Need I say more?
Michael Moore - The self-righteous Moore, though somtimes amusing, is no documentarian. By no means can the sort of film he makes be characterized as a documentary. Social satire, perhaps, but not strictly factual. His tendency to twist facts, rearrange the chronology of events, and omit surrounding circumstances to establish context, illustrate that he is a demagogue by any definition. (See here and here for my previous thoughts on Michael Moore.).


Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Because she refuses to go away and for her participation in Garfield.


Jennifer Lopez--and I'm not allowed to legally get married. she is the example of why nobody should be!


No answer


Nicole Richie isn't the biological daughter of Lionel Richie and she hasn't made a sex tape. Why is she famous?


Well, Tom Green hasn't done anything in a while. So it probably has to be Ashton Kutcher. Beyond wasting oxygen that clearly belongs to others, he's just annoying and stupid. Actually, taking that into account, he ties with Nicole Richie


Simon Cowell. It's part of his act to act loathsome, and I know that, I don't like the act though.


No Answer


a. Jessica Simpson  b. Courtney Love 
The League chimes in...

There are so many tools on the TV to choose from, it's a real shame that we can only pick one or two (or whatever...)
But, wow...  People really dislike Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie.  And who can blame them?  It appears that The Simple Life duo has really drawn the ire of Loyal Leaguers.  I've never actually seen "The Simple Life," but everything I've seen of the pair in ads and commercials pretty much makes The League want to begin to support communism if these two are a demonstrable example of the end result of successful capitalism. 
In truth, the latest spate of Paris Hilton interviews was what spawned this particular category, but I'm glad to see that I am not alone.

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