Sunday, September 26, 2004

The Texas Longhorns were once again victorious over the lowly Rice Owls in Saturday's match-up. Well done, Horns!

I think the Sun Devils may have won their game, but I got distracted and never finished watching the game.

On The Brother's recommendation, we saw Shaun of the Dead yesterday afternoon. Quality, quality film and I highly recommend it. The movie has "cult film" written all over it, and should have been released two weeks into October to take advantage of folks looking for a good Halloween scare.

The movie rides similar lines to Evil Dead 2, managing to be both funny and to have some genuinely frightening moments.

I kept thinking Jim D. should see this flick all throughout. It keeps with the standard zombie formula, but has it's own little bits to add. Worth matinee.

Anyway, I logged on to do some work and homework, so I should probably get to it.

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