Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Ah... Halloween is just around the corner, my creepy little minions of morbid mirth!

And as such, The League must prepare!

Already at League HQ the decorations are in place and costumes are being planned for the annual candy dispersal. Pictures shall be forthcoming of the many chilling tsotchkes Jamie and I have dug up. We've already gotten the annual viewing of Frankenstein out of the way and will be moving through the League Library of horror favorites.

Salma Hayek atop a pumpkin is not just a good reason to celebrate Halloween, its a good reason to go on living.

This year The League has decided to try to slap together a Green Lantern outfit, just to see how many of the kids recognize who The League is. We think kids will recognize us. Jamie will once again go as perennial favorite: a bee.

A Batman-cape has already been slected for Mel. We shall see how this goes.

We haven't yet settled upon a candy to dispense, but those are details.

Because, my ghoulish guests, it's time for a little interactivity!

It's the 2004 Horrifically Hasty Halloween Heckstravaganza!

That's right, Leaguers. It's time for another creepy contest here at League HQ!

It seemed like such a swell idea at the time, just like this contest...

So what is this year's spine-chilling challenge?

It's Halloween storytime!

So dig deep into the spookiest place in your mind, slap on your writer's cap and submit a story in one or all of the following categories:

1) Best/ worst Halloween costume. Don't forget: Who, what, why, when and how.
2) Real life creepy stories, personal experience (must be SPINE TINGLING!!!!)
3) Real life scary stories, happened to someone else (must be TERRIFYING!!!!)

You may submit a story in each catgory. All entries WILL be published at The League, with a few stipulations.

1) Stories should be kept clean for the most part
2) Writers should avoid writing entire stories intended to make The League look like a jerk (this rule applies mostly to Mrs. League and Brother of League)
3) Stories MUST BE TRUE (as far as you know). False stories can be submitted to some other low-rent blog, but NOT this low-rent blog.

The Phantom contemplates what scary story HE might want to send to The League of Melbotis

Here's what's going to happen. This is your chance to get published here at The League with a truly scary story of your own. I'm going to cut and paste your story/ies and then publish. It's up to you to spell things correctly and have excellent grammar.

Try to get submissions in by Friday, October 22nd so we can spread the stories out throughout the week prior to Halloween. On the Friday before Halloween (October 29th) I will publish my favorite entry in each category. The winner will receive a grand prize worth almost $5.00 (or whatever is in the League treasury these days). All other entries will receive, oh... hell, I don't know. But if you send something in and include your snail mail, I'll send you something via USPS.

Does that sound good?

Drac waits for this Leaguer to wake up and begin her entry.

Submit all entries to Melbotis, who has our shared e-mail address over there on the left somewhere.

<------------- the arrow points to your left

This should be a frightfully good time!



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