Sunday, December 12, 2004

A Holiday Tour of League HQ

Jackie B. Kennedy made housewives across the world titter with glee when she opened up the White House for a televised tour during JFK's term in office. And then yesterday I found myself watching Laura Bush's crack squad of Junior Leaguers decorating the White House for Christmas.

Hey, W... you want a smaller government? Quit spending $5 mil on decorating the part of the house you don't use.

Anyhoo, The League was inspired. I don't actually want any of you people in my house, but I'd like to share a little Christmas cheer with you.

And so, the Christmas Tour of League HQ begins.

It's always nice to see how taking a photo of your own home quickly makes it appear that maybe your home is a crime scene. Especially when you have nothing but white walls.

So, let's start outside and work our way in.

Funny how houses don't photograph terribly well from outside in the dark, but there you have it. I guess it's sort of minimal on lighting. Well, I'm a cheap bastard and it was raining while I was hanging lights. What do you want?

Mel welcomes you to the house. He was not feeling very photo-friendly tonight.

We'll bypass the front room and head back to the living room/ kitchen.

This is our equivalent of a Christmas Village. Jamie won't let me do the whole Christmas Village deal. I think she knows the "Village" would quickly become a major metropolitan area.

Rudolph's nose does, indeed, light up.

Mr. and Mrs. Snowman sit atop the entertainment center with another Rudolph.

We have this weird sort of shelf space up above for which we've never thought of a good use. We put stuff up there on the Holidays. BTW, there are no fireplaces in The Valley of the Sun. It's 78 degrees here today. Possibly warmer.

We now return to the front room.

Here is the table we put out this year. I'm not really sure if we'll do this every year, but we did it this year for the first time.

Here's my official Polar Express reindeer bell. It's hanging from the lamp which is supposed to hang over the dining room table we don't have.

Here's our nativity set. I like it. Understated and it doesn't have the same creepy faces as the one my folks had when I was a kid.

The tree. It's our Charlie Brown tree. It's only four feet tall and fake. You can see from the bookshelf that we probably need more bookshelf space. Kids, furniture is expensive, and I have a comic habit to keep up with.

My mom thinks I don't have a star. Here is my star. See it? I have a star. One year I put Superman on top of the tree, and ever since then I've caught an earful before Christmas.

Our tree is Super.

Jamie is an extremely patient person.

The train to Christmastown.

Anyway, that's it. We only have a few presents under the tree, but it was enough to cover up the nice tree skirt my aunt sent us a few years ago. Ah, well.

We've been cohabitating for several years now, and we're getting our Christmas traditions down pat. It's fun pulling this stuff out every year and slowly adding more as you go. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the tour.

And this is totally unrelated, but I finished my online class today. Oh, and I reviewed Blade Trinity below. For your reading enjoyment.

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