Monday, August 01, 2005

2 quick blips...

Blip #1

Here's a nice article on the architecture appearing in the skyline of the DC Comic: The Manhattan Guardian. Read here.

This is why I like Grant Morrison's stuff. I knew there was some crazy stuff going on in the background of the frames and from some of the dialogue, but I didn't realize that the structures the characters were referring to actually existed.

Special thanks to Jim D. for the article. Go read Manhattan Guardian.

Blip #2

The @#$%ing Suns just traded away Joe Johnson. I listened to the news all the way into work today, and this was the only story that made me audibly shout out "NO!" and start pounding on my steering wheel.

I think I need to recheck my priorities.

On the other hand, that's 2 of my favorite players gone. (No, the other one was Quentin Richardson, not High-Fiving White Guy).

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