Monday, August 22, 2005


The League and Mrs. League went to the 1:10pm show of "The 40 Year-Old Virgin" on Saturday.

The movie is not the stupid sex-comedy I sort of supposed it would be. Well, yeah, it sort of is, but it isn't Porky's or whatever.

Once again, I sat in the dark of the theater believing "there, but for the Grace of God, go I." Just check it out. You'll see.

The movie is not set in the same bizarro parallel universe as something like "Anchorman", but actually sort of grounds itself in some semblance of reality, even if it is a silly, silly movie. The acting is pretty good, but doesn't appear to be much of a stretch for anybody. Some scenes have the pacing of improvisation, and I am sure that was the case. And during the "waxing" scene from the trailer, Carrell comes dangerously close to breaking character. But, hey, it's pretty funny, anyway, and you get the distinct feeling the girl doing the waxing was not acting at all.

The lovely Catherine Keener is actually genuinely funny in a role which could easily have been typical romantic-interest dull (think any straight-woman in a Jim Carrey comedy), and Jane Lynch has a few really priceless scenes as well.

The movie may have dragged a bit for a few minutes as they decided to tie up the loose ends of the plot, but the ending... yes, the ending redeems anything which may have gone wrong. The League had tears streaming down his face.

Look, the language in the movie is pretty coarse, but I honestly believe it's funny because it's true. Sorry, ladies, it's true. While ultimately funnier than any conversation I think I ever had on the topics covered, there's some painful reality in all of this.

Steve Carrell and Judd Apatow have made a pretty darn good comedy, and I guess it might even be a romantic comedy, in it's own way. The League gives it, oh, 62 out of 75 Mels.

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