Saturday, December 10, 2005


Welcome to Christmas Time at League HQ!!!! It's our annual tour of the same crap you saw last year. Only different! Hey, if you look closely, you can see my Wonder Woman ornament showing some gam in this picture. HOO-AHHH!!!

You can click on any picture for a slightly larger version to REALLY get the detail.

Jamie has decided we're doing Nutcrackers. Lookitem. All the cute little nutcrackers. It's Pirate, Soldier/ Drummer, Weird Uncle Nic, and Drunk Bavarian. Plus 4 little people nutcrackers.


Our Rudolph toys. Huzzah!

Stockings! 6 this year. From left to right:
Jason, Jamie, Ryan, Melbotis, Jeff and Lucy

My ma sent this last year. It's the magic bell from Polar Express.

Our table awaiting Christmas Cards. Oh, look. It's a card from a certain Loyal Leaguer!

The Nativity set. This is an awful picture. Sorry.

Our tree. The new fake tree, all adorned and merry. You can see Jeff walking off frame.

Great Rao! A red star for Christmas?

See if you can see Superman anywhere on my tree.

Any luck yet?

Jamie and Jeffer.

Outside our house.

The yard in the dark.

Judy brought this all the way from Oklahoma. It's the highlight of our yard. So very festive.

Jeff and I wish you a Merry Christmas. And I need to go back to the gym. Jesus, look at that.

Jeff plans a long winter nap.

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