Sunday, May 14, 2006


Leaguers probably wonder how the League manages to maintain a Super outlook in life. The answer is: You have to start your day the Super way.

Superness can vary from day to day, so you really have to take steps to ensure that you've done what you can to make your day as Super as possible.

Below you will find a photographic guide to a typical, say, Saturday in the League's busy, busy life.

Your Super alarm is set to wake you for your day. Superman would not steer you wrong. If he's telling you to get up, you probably should. Also, note the super-safety of keeping a Super flashlight by the clock in case of an emergency.

You've been getting your Super Sleep all night, so now it's time to get up and get on with your Super Day!

Filling your head with Supermanness isn't enough. You've also got to fill your tummy with Super goodness. Remember, you super are what you super eat.

While enjoying your Super coffee, it's time to really start considering how your day can be more Super. You should consider a wide-ranging view of Superman as you enter your Super day.

Check your home for Golden Age items

...add a lot of Silver Age

...and some Modern Age and a few items from the upcoming movie.

Select from your Super wardrobe

Brush your Super teeth with super accutrements.

Make sure significant other is properly attired

Check in with Super Dog

Check in with the Fortress of Nerditude

Staying classic means you can't go wrong...

Check Super library for readings

Review other materials in Super Library

Consult with Super Friends about how to proceed with your day

Now The League has taken the necessary steps to get rolling. We hope your day is as Super as can be. We'll be having a few more Summer of Superman highlights. We hope you keep checking in.

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