Friday, June 30, 2006


I like pirates!

On Saturday the good ship HMS Melbotis lifts anchor and heads for the glittering shores of Spring, Texas.

The League and Jamie will be spending Saturday through Wednesday at the Admiral and KareBear's country manor, tucked amidst the pines and live oaks of their sprawling estate. I believe Steanso and Cousin Sue will be joining us for what is sure to be a delightful few days. Just what a gentleman needs to rejuvenate himself.

Blogging may be light, Leaguers. If you are in Houston, feel free to pop by. We don't really have any plans to actually leave the house. Well, that's not true. On Tuesday we have a baseball game to attend (go Astros! Wait, who is pitching that day..?), and I am sure there will be a cook-out led by the courageous Admiral.

In lieu of fireworks, I plan to buy several bottles of Diet Coke and a few packs of Mentos. I've seen evidence that combining these two items causes an amazing display.

Monday and Wednesday night are now, unfortunately, no longer up for negotiation. Jamie has dialysis scheduled for both evenings.

I am looking forward to the endless and meandering storytelling which will occur as Mum and Dad relate the tales of their trip to Milan and Rome. I've heard they bought a picture book of Rome, so hopefully they can tell me a little bit about what's in there.

Mostly I plan to just float in the pool, hit Bedrock City Comics, eat some Tex-Mex and BarBQ, and convince Susan that Pierre could be the ultimate dog fighter. If, you know, Steanso wants to see Superman Returns during a late showing, I'm up for that.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with me via comments or e-mail. Or phone, you know, if you know how to find us.

Happy Days, Leaguers. Now get out there and celebrate your independence.

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