Thursday, July 06, 2006

We're flying out of Houston in a few hours and leaving for the airport in an hour, I think.

No doubt I'm going to be feeling even more useless in Phoenix than I've felt in Houston over the past couple of days.

Jason has been up at the hospital quite a bit with Jeff, but as he's in ICU, he can't stay in the room for any length of time. He's made two posts on Jeff, Kim and Sigmund's status, and I suggest sticking with Jason's blog to get updates.

Meanwhile the Austin media has picked up on Jeff's story. They've done their due diligence and located Jeff's blog. And they're quoting from it.


I'd feel worse about what I feel is a bit of an invasion of Jeff's privacy, but they are getting across Jeff's incredible energy and his determination to make the most of his life. Sort of. And Joe Turner (who I don't know) had some spot on things to say.

Oddly, the Steanso/ CrackBass band "Crack" also gets its first public mention in the article.

We're back to Phoenix as of tonight. I'll be pointing back to Jason's blog on a regular basis as events warrant.

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