Saturday, January 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, Reed!

It's Reed's birthday. So everyone post a happy birthday wish to Reed-o.

Go. Do it now.

The League has been associated with Reed longer than most Leaguers. He was in band with Jason back in middle school, shortly after we moved to Austin. At the time, he was known as "Weed Saw".

Ahhhh... after all these years, that's still gold.

Anyway, Reed and Jason probably don't remember this, but the first time I met Reed, I came home and Jason and Reed were in my room for reasons that I still am not clear on. I think they were going through my comics. At any rate, my privacy had been well invaded.

So it's been two decades I've known the man. He's now an engineer, a drummer, a husband and father. Quite a growth curve for Reed-o. He no longer dwells upon Trek the way he once did. Instead, he's replaced that geekdom with a tremendous mental database of all things Rock 'n Roll. Seriously. It's frightening.

Sure, the days are long since past of hitting comic shops together and going over the happenings in Batman comics, but we still see quite a bit of one another, and Reed is still the same good guy he was when he first invaded my room.

Happy B-Day, Reed. Go eat some cake.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Reed! You're 40 now, right?


Anonymous said...

It has been days now, but Reed if you see this a belated happy birthday. Yes, we did enjoy you hanging around the house. Not so sure about the shopping trips for sport coats however. We enjoyed having you with us always, really. Many blessings throughout the year, Karebear

Jill said...

Happy Birthday, Reed!

see ryan? i do do what i'm asked to do!

The League said...

You totally sold out, Jill. But I am sure we all appreciate it in this case.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Reed ! You have to appreciate a man whose favorite sportsteams are the Vikings and Aggies. Glutton for punishment.

I wonder if read also has a big poster of Hugo Chavez next to his 12th Man towel and Viking Helmet.

Seriously, Happy Birthday Reed, may year next year see increased wisdom and a decreased waistline.

Anonymous said...


i am one of the lucky ones who has also known weedo since middle school! :]