Monday, February 05, 2007


Yesterday was kind of kooky. Jamie is finally feeling better after a few weeks of being down. It was nothing too serious, but I think we're both glad she's back up on her feet and peppy again.

We did some tidying in the morning, then grabbed lunch with Jason at Jason's Deli (no relation). It's becoming kind of a thing to make sure Cassidy gets some face time each weekend with Mel and Lucy, so we got the dogs in the car (Dog is my co-pilot) and released the hounds to the backyard.

The Admiral and Karebear are considering moving to Austin when they retire (which will only enhance the power of The League), and so were in town to think a bit about their future plans and look at homes. We grabbed a quick drink at Trudy's, then went and looked at a development they'd checked out on 71. Neat stuff, but I have no idea if that's what they'll end up doing.

Saturday night we headed over to Juan D's place for a grown up dinner party. I made excellent friends with Juan's bat-eared dog, Levi, by feeding Levi pieces of bread and ham all through the night. Got to see Beta-Juan Garcia, his lovely wife Letty, Matt and Nicole, Candian Sarah and her Canadian friend. We're now apparently too old to just show up, start drinking beer and get in vicious debates over operating systems as we did in years of yore. Now it's civilized. Sort of.

Woke up, had brunch with Cousin Sue and the folks at Hyde Park Grill South. Said our good-byes, then Jamie and I came home and tidied-up some. Did some minor yard work and stood around in the front yard with the other guys on the street, all of us in awe of the amazingly good weather (it was 70, sunny and a bit breezy). I think I committed to going in on a bunch of grass pallettes with a few of us, but that's okay. We need new grass for the backyard.

We did our Superbowl Shopping Trip (I bought frozen White Castle burgers for the first time). We were invited to a Superbowl Party, but I knew Jason was en route and probably didn't want to sit in my neighbor's garage to watch the game.

Steven and Lauren joined us after the Prince half-time show, and we chatted through the second half and into a repeat of Puppy Bowl III.

Anyway, it's been a long, good weekend.

Inbetween all that, I talked to Jim D on the phone, talked to RHPT via e-mail (it's a long story, but I now own I just can't make it work with Blogger until Blogger updates some features. nonetheless, RHPT gets mad props.)

I was cheering for the Colts, so the game was fun for me. Jamie cheered for "points", so she cheered when someone almost scored or did score. I don't think anyone else had much invested. Except Cassidy, who loves The Bears.

Weird game. That one will probably have Superbowl Committees looking toward domed stadiums for future selections. What a wet, icky mess of a game for the first half.

I have been staying up working on my weekly reviews for Comic Fodder (now! With pictures!).

It is late. I am tired.

Hope you had a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but do you own ????

I am tempted to purchase it, so I can create a website under your name dedicated to sexy George Michael pictures.


The League said...

In no way would I attempt to prevent you from fulfilling this dream. I'm comfortable enough with myself to know that George Michael is a good looking man.

However, as I recall, of the two people dwelling in Jester 1210 West in Academic Year 1993-94, you were the proud owner of "Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1".

Anonymous said...

Touche. Of course I couldn't even tell you the name of that album or one song on it. A sad statement on my muscial tastes at the age of 17 is that is one of the first CDs I ever bought, and I bought it on the same day as I bought Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff 'Rock the House'.

I can now look back on those days and declare myself a musical retard. Ironically though, I could play the piano and the trumpet and could sing 3 part harmony with anyone. Of course, so could the Osmonds, so maybe that doesn't acquit me.

The League said...

That album actually had a few good tracks and I would listen to them when you weren't in the room. Mostly because they conjured images of Christi Turlington in my mind.