Monday, April 02, 2007

Transformers: Robots In a Slide Show

Here for Movie Transformers photos. Here for trailers.

Dear Hollywood,

Was it really that hard? I've been asking for one thing out of a movie since 1991 or so... and that was to see giant robots blowing up the landscape. Why did this take 16 years?

Hollywood, I don't want much out of a movie, but here's what I want:

Giant Robots
Apes or Monkeys
Fighter Planes and/ or Spaceships
Laser weapons
Alien Beings
Heroic archaeologists
Michelle Yeoh
Shoot outs

I do not need, nor really desire, all of these items in a single movie. But it doesn't hurt to include most of this list into your summer faire.

So, thanks, Hollywood, for the movie featuring giant robots and explosions. I owe you one.


League of Melbotis


Steven said...

Dear League,


[ sound effect ]

Anonymous said...

Curious that you did not include "a plot I understand and/or care about" in your list.

The League said...

It's the 21st Century. Plots are no longer welcome in Hollywood.

Actually, I do want a plot as reviews here might suggest. But what will draw me in to see the movie (not necessarily like it) are the listed items.

And, Mr. Harms, I'm going to need some explanation.

Steven said...

Despite the fact that I do not trust what Michael Bay will do to the movie.

depsite that megatron looks nothing like a walking m/fing gun

Despite the fact that that yet another disney dorkkind is "starring" in it.

I'm still ebullient.

The League said...

Then we shall set a date to see this movie at the Alamo. Also, I want to hear Lauren's review of the movie. Somehow I know it's going to be priceless.