Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hey, Leaguers.

It's been a fun weekend. Yesterday we finally used the Element for the task which I had in mind when I picked it out. You can take the back seats out of the Element, so I took one out for more space. We loaded up the dogs (including Cassidy), and Jason, Jamie and I headed to the Barton Springs spill-over.

I admit, I'm a total worry wart about the dogs, so I think I spent the whole time trying to corral my dogs, who aren't that used to water and who tend to spaz out when other dogs are around. I am sure the other folks were tired of my constant calling to all of the three dogs, so I feel a bit like a heel. I feel even worse because I think my insistence that we leave (because Lucy kept pestering a tiny dog) interrupted Jason talking to some cute girl who was hanging out with her dog. That's me. The League: Scene Killer.

Now here's the other pro-dog thing about the Element: rubber floors. The floors are still dirty, but all I need to do is get a wet rag and clean them up. It's kind of cool.

Or would be. I hadn't initially put on my suit, so I went back to the car to put it on. Lucy jumped over a four foot wall and followed me back to the car. It was both heart warming and a bit weird to see my girl abandon the water and fun just to help me change pants. Anyhow, dripping wet she jumped in the car and shook herself dry.

Let us hope the talk about the sturdy material of the seats was not just a sales pitch.

Saturday night we went to see "Sicko" with Carla and David. We also had a nice dinner at Chinatown. Always a good evening with CB and David.

I had spent some time writing up a bunch about Sicko, but I also don't feel like moderating a comments section which would surely go into meltdown. Suffice it to say, with our personal situation, I am well aware of the issues in the film and I have some personal feelings wrapped up in the topic I'd rather not get into.

I've also come to peace with Michael Moore as a filmmaker. Once you know what to look for, you know...?

Sunday was mostly chores, some comic blogging, lawn mowing, and then Jason and Reed came by for a pizza and some Wii.

Jamie smoked me in bowling, but I am the grand champion of boxing.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


J.S. said...

I think Mel and Lucy did shockingly well down at the spillover. They got a little excited, sure, but they stayed nearby and consistently returned when called without having to be chased down. Lucy used a yippy chihuahua as a soccer ball, but who could blame her?

The League said...

I know. I was actually pretty happy with how close Lucy was sticking to us (I wasn't as surprised with Mel). Next time I'll be less nervous, I suppose. I just had visions of my dog getting into a fast moving current and me not being able to get to her.

Hope Cassidy's feeling better today. I know you mentioned she was limping a bit.

Michael Corley said...

There be a cave at the middle left of Barton Springs. All know it, though the speak of it only in hushed whispers. Beyond the rocky entrance is the half-preserved remains of the children who have strayed to far, went to deep and had to find "one more cool place" under the waters.

Some say they became trapped on accident, misfortune and mishap. Others... claim that something in the cold, cold deep claimed them.

At least, that's what Justin told me.