Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Color Quiz?

Found this at Lauren's Site.

I leave it to third parties who know me better than myself to tell me if the results of the Quiz are true. I don't know why picking colors is supposed to tell me anything, and, certainly, I am baffled by the results. Perhaps someone else can shed some light onto the assessment?

ColorQuiz.comRyan took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

"Longs for tenderness and for a sensitivity of feel..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.


JAL said...
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JAL said...


With problems and despair like this, I could form the whiniest indie rock band the world has ever known!

Your Existing Situation
Unable to exert the effort to achieve his objectives. Feels neglected, desiring greater security, warm affection, and fewer problems.

Your Stress Sources
Strives for straight-forward relationships, founded on mutual trust and understanding. Wishes to act only in conformity with his own convictions. Demands freedom to make his own decisions without being subjected to interference, outside influence, or the necessity of making compromises.

Your Restrained Characteristics
Believes that he is not receiving his share--that he is neither properly understood nor adequately appreciated. Feels that he is being compelled to conform, and close relationships leave him without any sense of emotional involvement.

Your Desired Objective
His need to feel more causative and to have a wider sphere of influence makes him restless and he is driven by his desires and hopes. May try to spread his activities over too wide a field.

Your Actual Problem
Feels restricted and prevented from progressing; seeking a solution which will remove these limitations.

Your Actual Problem #2
Intensely critical of the existing conditions which he feels are disorganized or insufficiently clear-cut. Is therefore seeking some solution which will clarify the situation and introduce a more acceptable degree of order and method.

The League said...

I think its telling you to turn to a life of crime. Particularly arson.

JAL said...

I do like fire.