Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Peabo: The Al Gore/ Jor-El Connection

So Peabo and I were having a conversation, via e-mail, in which we were discussing... well, that's not really important. What IS important is that I had reason to reference Superman's dad, Jor-El.

Peabo had this to say:

After reading your link below about Jor-El (supermanica) I am amazed at the similarities between Jor-El and Al Gore. I mean serious, is this comparison being bantered around in comic geek circles, because the similarities are eerie I tell you.

(1) Both keen men of learning with a leaning toward science

(2) Both from well respected families

(3) Both conducted detailed research on anomalies discovered in their planet.

(4) Both reached the conclusion after their studies that doom was not only possible but probable and impending

(5) Both were roundly scoffed at and ignored by multitudes

And the real clencher in my opinion:

(6) Both, though lacking scientific proof to substantiate their hypothesis, were ready to report their findings to prestigious scientific councils


Finally, although he still lacked positive scientific proof to substantiate his hypothesis (Act No. 223, Dec 1956: "The First Superman of Krypton"; and others), Jor-El was ready to report his findings to Krypton's prestigious scientific council. "Gentlemen," he intoned solemnly, as he addressed his scientific colleagues in Krypton's hallowed Hall of Wisdom, "...Krypton is doomed!...

Which leads me to believe that Jor-El must have also won the Krypton version of the Nobel prize. Probably post-humously.

The real question though ?

Where has Jor-Al sent his son ?( I mean beside the Betty Ford clinic)?
What secret powers will Jor-Al junior have when he lands on a planet far far away ? The ability to give super-speeches that lull enemies into a trance? The ability to hide in a super powered lock box?


JAL said...
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JAL said...


J.S. said...

It's good that you and Peabo have remained collaborative partners over the years. I would hate to see issues of this magnitude going unaddressed.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty amusing and should be turned into a larger post with images to which we can submit to Digg or something.

I will say that Gore is more of a heralder of Global Warming than one who has conducted "detailed research."

The League said...

Note: I have not seen the Gore movie

It is true that Gore is not a scientist, and fair that there should be a distinction. While not mentioned here, but certainly in articles I've seen of late, I find the idea that because he's a scientist, his campaign is somehow discredited, to be an odd argument.

Politicians are rarely, if ever, actually trained or knowledgeable about topics upon which they make decisions every day. Those decisions impact every person in the country.

My understanding from articles I've read and from what I've seen (especially at the time of the film's release) is that Gore's passion isn't just a passing fancy. He's accumulated research since at least the publication of his book in the early 90's and has kept pace with research in this area and has far greater than a layman's understanding of the science involved.

I understand the criteria to an extent, but rarely does the voice of the scientist receive much attention until policy advocates use their findings to enact legislation or ask for change.

Perhaps that explains the fate of poor Jor-El.