Friday, December 14, 2007

A History of the S

A fun history of the ever changing nature of Superman's "S".



J.S. said...

Man, I think this article finally proved to me that Superman fans can be every bit as nerdy as Trekkies (well, I'm not sure if there are Superman fans who have mastered an entire fictional language the way that the Trekkies did with Klingon, but this "history of the 'S'" thing drives a hard bargain)

The League said...

There is a written form of Kryptnoese. However, it's just a simple replacement of symbols for letters. In fact, you can download it as a font.

With a 25+ year lead on Star Trek, plus thousands of comics, hours and hours of movies, TV shows, etc... produced, there's probably as much to delve into with Superman as Star Trek, if one begins exploring the franchise.

Possibly vastly more, depending how far you want to expand your definition of Superman-related media.