Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sorry, Leaguers! Not much to report. I sort of had a day off before starting the new job tomorrow. But I was scheduled to come on down for a monthly potluck the folks at my new office were having, so I came by to say "howdy" and meet folks in a bit more of a social context.

I'm feeling pretty positive. These guys (I say guys because of the 30 people in my office, two of them are women. One is my boss, the other won't work with me directly) really know their stuff, and they have a good sense of humor.

I not only saw my new office, but with some help, I monkeyed around a bit and moved my furniture into position. Tomorrow is HR, etc... Must be at UT at 8:30. Which means I need to get up a bit earlier than I would at Enspire when accounting for parking and traffic.

In the afternoon I meet with my team, and I feel like I should have prepared something for them, but... oh, well. I don't think a Patton speech at this point would be a good idea, anyway. They know what they're doing, and its more my job to make sure they do it with the least amount of static possible.

Aside from that, grabbed dinner at a new place (to us), Zen. It was good, and not terribly expensive. I'm hoping it was fairly healthy, too. Read some comics. And filled out HR paperwork.

Oh, and I randomly ran into Lauren on the drag when I was going back to my car.

Jamie is maybe slightly better. Hopefully this will continue to improve.

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J.S. said...

Good luck on the new job.