Friday, August 29, 2008

From the Cabela's Catalog

Simon will be confused by this post as these sorts of hats are, as I understand it, common headwear in Canada.

This item retails at Cabela's for $250, and in no way will make you look completely insane.

In case you're wondering: Yeah, that's a real, dead coyote. You can tell, because the only color they offer? COYOTE.

From the reviews:

"I have purchased a number of fur hats in my day but this is by far the warmest and most comfortable. Not only does it keep the back of my head warm but you can wrap the legs around your face to block the wind. The only reason this hat did not receive 5 stars is due to the fact that I was attacked by a bird thinking it was wounded prey while I was out for a walk. A rare but unfortunate occurrence when wearing an animal pelt on your head. Also great in the rain. Didn't smell at all after it was wet and it makes a great present. I'm getting one for my wife."

That lady is going to feel so @#$%ing lucky.

I just like how their model could be The League with a beard. It's like seeing a parallel Earth where The League has finally snapped.

Special thanks to Denby for the link


Dug said...

League-Prime there looks like he's considering shooting himself for buying such a stupid hat.

No! There's so much to live for! Like intact-vole-hide slippers!

Michael Corley said...

He... heee heee.. haaaaaa ha ha!

I've been wearing a coyote skin (though mine is sans legs, as shown in this picture) as part of my american indian costume for storytelling for years. How many years? I bought it in boyscouts for Order of the Arrow ceremonies.

But I never once thought of wearing it as a fashion statement, or a means for head warmth.

The League said...

Well, Michael... I gotta say, when I see you wearing the hat while driving around, and or taking your kid to Chuck E. Cheese, and we're having a conversation.

For those of you who don't know Michael, hearing he has one of these makes perfect sense.

As per League Prime, my alternate self has apparently seen some @#$% in his time.

J.S. said...

I just love the idea of Denby strolling in to work with one of these on her head. I bet she also kills and eats small animals during her lunch hour.

Simon MacDonald said...

Oh yes, this sort of head wear is very common up here in Canada. However, we wouldn't wear the full coyote during the summer as that we just be silly. Instead we opt for a raccoon pelt as that is more summery.

The League said...

I knew it...!