Sunday, July 12, 2009

In the News

Superman and Batman arrested in New York.

The best thing about this whole Bush surveillance deal? You choose!
(a) we'll never really know what happened
(b) someone thought this @#$% was a good idea
(c) now that someone went ahead and put this thing together, its not going to go away
(d) you just know that absolutely nobody is going to actually have to go to jail over all this
(e) someone is going to tell me that I shouldn't be concerned about this sort of thing

We thought we were going to be witness to some bad stuff at Barton Springs yesterday, but all ended well.
Jamie discusses here.
Here's the news report.

And the Dems demonstrate, once again, why they appear to be completely ineffective at government when they should be able to push just about anything through. A claim I'm finding, once again, difficult to dispute. I predict 2010 will be a repeat of '94 (popular prez, congressional dems decide to sabotage everything that got the guy voted into office. I might need to put on my Docs and start wearing flannel plaid).

While Fox News demonstrates, once again, that there are some uncomfortable undercurrents to the messaging and standpoints of their mouthpieces.


Michael Corley said...

I think we all know the undercurrents at Barton Springs run deep. Rocky, forbidden shoals wallow with the edging wakefullness of things forgotten since man first struck sparks into fire.

They will come forth one blazing noon. Oh yes, they shall.

The League said...

First settlers stayed near there after making peace with the Natives. Of course, settlers wouldn't listen and went down to the springs after dark, right up until the time their kids started disappearing.

tjeff said...

Re: Fox news-
I think this might be his attempt at being self-deprecating, although it comes off all wrong. Looks like he is mixed race himself.

The League said...

Nah. I think you're misreading some artifacting and an iffy tan. Kilmeade is a white dude. I've seen F&F's before.

I do find it likely Kilmeade was trying to make a scientific point about test pools, which kinda/ sorta makes sense (medical science is not color blind and does take ethnicity into account. That's no surprise), but it was his choice of words that people are finding somewhat dismaying. I am hoping its just that Kilmeade doesn't know the difference between the terms "species" and "ethnicities" or "demographic groups".

That's, of course, giving the man the benefit of the doubt. Which, given what I've seen on F&F's, I'm not sure any of them deserve. You just don't want to go on TV, call different ethnicities "species", talk about the "purity" of the nordic peoples, etc...

tjeff said...

oh, if he's not mixed-race himself (Italian, etc..), then all bets are off. F&F? (fake and fry?)

The League said...

I think he's just that weird matte orange that so many cable news folks get into with their spray tans.

F&F = Fox&Friends, Fox News' answer to Good Morning America. GMA is its own, completely different set of TV faux pas with poor Matt Lauer desperately trying to keep the ship righted.