Thursday, March 11, 2004

I do not have any big stories to tell today. Most of what's been going on has been work related, and that's not terribly interesting.

I must find a birthday present for my brother, Jason. It is Jason's birthday on March 17th. He will be 31.

Jason has many interests:
a) playing the guitar
b) playing the guitar while I am trying to watch TV
c) listening to his stereo as loudly as possible so he can hear it over the shower while I am trying to sleep
d) breaking my X-Wing fighter and refusing any restitution or apology
e) insisting that Batman is better than Superman
f) watching movies NO ONE ELSE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD RENT, AND THEN INSISTING "it wadn't that bad..."
g) adopting three legged dogs
h) taking three-legged dogs on slooooowwww walks
i) practicing the law
j) freeing crooks from jail
k) calling me alternately "fatty" or "bitch"
l) insisting my job entails little more than running a VCR
m) insisting his job is soooooooo difficult
n) going to eat enchiladas
o) refusing to get a haircut despite all contrary opinions and common sense
p) keeping Thundercloud Subs afloat
q) swimming
r) reading books about digruntled spies/ cops
s) keeping me abreast of the progress of the Mono Music Ensemble
t) wrestling wild boar

All in all, he has many interests. But what shall I do for him for his birthday? He has requested a hand-drawn cartoon from the League, but the League has a lot of work to do before his birthday.

This will take some sorting out. I might just send an organ grinder and a well-dressed monkey to his office on his birthday.

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