Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I'm going to do this again, because it's fun.

It's already hot as a bastard out here in Phoenix. Last week I was still wearing a coat in the morning, but I left for three days, and now it's offically 90 degrees (my car thermometer said 92, for the record). Doesn't sound that hot, especially as it will be 120 degrees at some point this summer, but nobody really got time to adapt. I was told that my pal, Al, saw a girl suffer heatstroke during a soccer tournament this weekend.

Yeah, it's hot. Seems like just yesterday we were wearing sweaters in the office to keep warm, and it WAS on Thursday night when hail fell and coated the ground like snow, and it was okay to wear a coat out the door when I left work. But not now. Now it begins.

I hate you Phoenix summertime. I hate you like gum on my shoe.

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