Thursday, March 18, 2004

I thought I posted this yesterday, but it must have flubbed up in the ftp.

Anyway, for the single WORST movie trailer I've seen in years, check out Garfield. One can assume the movie will suck based solely upon the fact that the PR folks insisted on putting Ray-Bans on the cartoon cat, a gag last employed with success in 1984. And how many more homages do we really need to Risky Business? Was it that much of a cultural milestone for us as a nation? I'll admit Rebecca Demornay was permananently etched in the back of my mind's eye for at least 6 weeks after seeing the movie, but was the "dancin' in my undies cause the folks are gone" scene really that seminal? To Oprah fans, I suppose it was.

Apparently the producers decided to avoid actually reading any of the strips from the past 30 years in order to make something lousier than Cats and Dogs. In the 90 seconds or so of footage, there's nothing to indicate this movie has anything to do with the actual comic strip, which, lets face it, isn't all that complicated.

I can almost pick out the folks from my office who will go see the movie and LOVE it. When I ask if it was like the newspaper strip, they will look at me quizzically, as if to say "What is this.... newspaper... of which you speak?"

Anyway, the annoyance level of the trailer far surpasses any dissonance with the strip. It just looks like an absolutely stupid movie. My apologies to the CGI folks who had to slave away over this nonsense for the past few years.

And wouldn't it have made more sense and been cuter if Odie were a cartoon, too? I can only imagine the production meeting which spawned that brain drizzle:

"Well, uh, the cat is a cartoon."
"So why does the dog have to be a cartoon?"
"Because it looks stupid having an obviously cartoon cat with a real dog looking off camera at it's trainer all the time."
"I don't see your point."
"It's going to not make sense. THe cat is a cartoon, but the dog is real."
"Which looks... weird."
"Well, if we make the dog a cartoon, it's going to double the budget of the movie and we can't afford all the cocaine and hookers we've already put in the budget."
"Ah, screw the dog. Let's go do a speedball and green light another Hillary Duff project."
"Let's go get some hookers."

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