Tuesday, March 16, 2004

So, admittedly, I flipped out today.

I had planned to take the day off from work as my employing university is currently enjoying Spring Break. So, Monday I sat and stared at my hands all day, cleaned my desk and desk area, ate some lunch, blogged some and kind of spaced out.

By 4:00 I didn;t think I'd be coming into work, so I kept saying "Shhheeeeeyooot, I do not think I'm coming in tomorrow."

See, I have a school project to do which I haven't done either jack or shit on, and I really need to get rolling. So I was to stay home today and work on it, and maybe run out and do some stuff I can't usually do when Jamie tags along. I had a full day of nuthin' planned.

At 7:00-something, Jamie, ignorant of my plan, shook me and asked if I was going to work. "Nope!" I barked and fell back asleep. A moment later she shook me again.
"I'm going to drive myself to the ER."
roughly translated that means: Hey, chubby, I'm about to spew chunks from my migraine. Get your lazy ass out of bed and get me to the ER.

Jamie's medical history, in brief:

1992: bops head on ice while skating
1992: diagnosed with FSGS, a nasty kidney disease
1993: has jaw surgery, changes identities
1993: begins college, sleeps most of time, avoids drunken League at party as he tries to pick up future Mrs. League
1994: kidney transplant
1995: League bags future Mrs. League
1996: first trip to hospital with Jamie. Much confusion. Delighted to discover chairs fold out into beds. With free food from hospital, League doesn't get up for two days.
1997: Jamie in hospital repeatedly, goofy Christmas in San Antonio, Plasma pheseris is weird and reminds League of reel to reel player
1998: cohabitation, Jamie sick with alarming frequency from migraines
1999: Jamie being sick old hat for League.
1999: DIALYSIS. Jamie gets up at 4:30 am to go. Must never drink too much soda. Perplexes League.
1999: Heart attack? When the hell did she have a heart attack? Weird...
2000: Wedding. Spend good deal of time of honeymoon reading National Geographic in waiting room of Dialysis clinic in Orlando. Jamie is trooper and allows multiple rides on Space Mountain.
2001: New kidney for Jamie. Transplant is exciting. Forced three weeks off work. Get opportunity to read all of Kavalier and Clay while at home. Grow to resent Montel Williams.
2001: Jamie loses job. God bless Medicare.
2002: Arizona?

In between the major events, we've just had her migraines to deal with, which hasn't been much fun. I suspect the heart attack occured during 1998 when she was getting sick from them a lot. It's called a "silent heart attack" when you never knew you had one. A Dr. McMinn just mentioned it in passing after an EKG.
"So, you know, because of the previous heart attack, you're going to want to be careful..."
"Previous what attack?"
But there was a time we were doing this so often, I got kind of casual about it and the one time I left Jamie at the ER so I could (look, you can't hate me for this) go home and get some shut eye, she came home in a cab, bright pink like an easter egg.
"What happened to you?"
"They gave me something new. I'm allergic. I itch inside my skin."
"Well I'll be dipped."

So this morning was trip number 40 or so to the ER for this business. And we were in and out in a few hours and Jamie is fine.

But I left her to sleep and went and ran my preplanned errands and wound up at Best Buy. Where I bought a ton of CDs, because I realized that I had been telling myself for ten years I was going to replace some of these from tape, or others were albums which disappeared, or just records friends used to have.

So screw it. I am now the proud owner of Public Enemy's Greatest Hits.

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