Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Will Tom Welling (of Clark Kent/ Smallville fame) appear in the new Batman movie as Clark Kent?

SuperheroHype! thinks so...

I love the idea of a shared Batman/ Superman universe in the movies, and I'd love to see each franchise knock out two movies and then do a World's Finest movie. Batman and Superman shared a comic entitled "World's Finest" for decades. Ever since, when referring to the pairing of Batman and Superman, real comic geeks refer to it as "World's Finest." Just a little FYI.

If you CAN'T wait for a World's Finest movie, check out this fan film...

Also, a picture in the article features the ninja costumes worn by the bad dudes run by Ra's Al Ghul. Notice the Batman-like protrusions from the fore-arm guards. Pretty cool.

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