Tuesday, August 24, 2004

This weekend I did what I always do when Jamie leaves. I freaked out, because, kids... The League does not do well when left to his own devices. At least Mel was there to pal around.

All that went sour, though, when Saturday night I took mel for a walk that ended with me getting him to go down a slide at the park near my house.

I also went to Best Buy this weekend, because there are no other video/ CD stores in Chandler for me to support.

On a whim, I picked up the new album by Scissor Sisters, based upon a strong review I read somewhere, and because they were willing to do a disco cover of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb."

It's an odd record, and is better than you think it is upon a first listen. Scissor Sisters seem to have two modes: Elton John and Disco Frenzy. I have no idea if that appeals to you, but I do like a good 3/5ths to 2/3rds of the record, which is a much better average then I have been hitting of late.

I also picked up Freaks, which was even better than I remember it being.

Gooble Gobble
One of us
One of us

The extra features are as fascinating as the actual movie.

For a nice little tune about Circus Folk by my old pals in Maximum Coherence, go here to listen.

Anyhoo, I am very busy with work. I welcome you all to enjoy this picture, and maybe write a story about it.

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