Sunday, March 20, 2005

Fake animals on the TV!!!

I'm watching a kick-ass fake documentary on Animal Planet about dragons.

Tolkein aside, I haven't been much of a swords, sorcerers and dragons sort of guy in many years. (What ever happened to you Zack the Elf? You were the best D&D character ever...!) But this show rocks.

Anyway, if this replays, you have to check it out.

It is far superior to the movie I watched last week on cable.

I guess this Dragon program is kicking off a week of specials on mythological and imaginary creatures called "Animal X."

You can see the listings for this week and choose which epsidoes you want to watch. I, myself, will be tuning in for the episode on Thursday night which may or may not feature footage of my brother.

From my program listings:

Bigfoot: Investigator might have discovered evidence that Bigfoot is alive and well in Texas.

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