Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The League Presents: Samantha Maja Cone

Leaguers, last week we brought you the first published account of the shocking new entrant to the human race, Samantha Maja Cone. Just mere hours after her arrival on Planet Earth, Samantha's pa, Nathan, rung me up to tell me all was well with baby and mother.

Now Renata and Samantha are home, and the first pics of Samantha are in.

Samantha contemplates the mysteries of the cosmos. Note, she already has her wrist band for ZZ Top tickets. Rock n' Rollllllllllll!!!!!

Samantha is prepped for travel and/ or sleeping. Jamie wears a similar harness so she doesn't fall out of bed.

Samantha is tuckered out after her big travel day. Ah, to go back to the simple days of her youth, floating suspended in a pod of amniotic fluid...

Nathan and Renata try to guess how much the baby will fetch on the black market.

So congratulations, Cones! You done had a baby! You guys are going to be groovy parents.

Just remember, it's never too late to change her legal name to "Dr. Octopus."

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