Friday, August 19, 2005

Blip #1: Well, due to the most pointless debate in the history of man I have going on via e-mail with my brother, I have no time to really blog.

Blip #2: In a strange continuation of the BK Chicken Fry Taste-Test Challenge, it appears that suburban rock gods, Slipknot, are suing Burger King.

Why? Burger King's ads feature a chicken themed band named Coq Roq, which is sort of a bad Nu-Metal band with a horror-chicken theme. It's actually pretty funny. Well, I know nothing about Slipknot except that the surly kids of Chandler, AZ seem to wear T-shirts with their name on them. I assumed they were another band like Korn or some other bunch of chubby dudes with bad dreads and a love for Twinkies (when did metal bands get chubby?)

It turns out that Slipknot uses costumes and stuff when they sing. And, apparently, nobody ever did this before. Not Gwar, not Kiss, nor Alice Cooper or Marilyn Manson or the cast of Starlight Express.

Read up on the case here.

Why do I hope this is the first case Roberts has to hear if he's confirmed for the Supreme Court?

Also, thanks to Jim D for the link. This really should have wound up on Nanostalgia. Would have made for a good entry.

Blip #3: Randy sent me the answers to the 5 questions I sent him, and, Leaguers, this is good stuff. Unfortunately, for some reason, Randy sent his answers in a PDF file, and I can't seem to extract the copy out as text. I keep getting weird, garbled code when I try to copy and paste the interview.

Let's hope Randy is willing to send the interview back as .txt or something.

Blip #4: Maxwell is also answering 5 deeply probing questions. But she also shot my first question back at me.

Here it is


a) What is the one question you are praying to God that I am not going to ask?

b) What is the one question you're sort of secretly hoping I'll ask?

Answer A: Well, after having watched The Office last night, I must turn to the question posed by Michael Scott on last night's episode of the office "Okay, real quick. Let's all go around the room and name another race we're sexually attracted to."

See, that would have been awkward.

Honestly, asking me anything personal about my lovelife prior to Jamie probably would have had me choosing my words very, very carefully.

Answer B: I don't think I had one. It's nice to have questions to stroke your ego, and the wide and varied questions regarding high school gave me enough of a chance to talk about myself in minute detail, and if I didn't want to do that, would I be running this site, let alone asking to be interviewed? I dunno. Something about career, maybe. Only my job doesn't make for good reading, so I don't know.

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