Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sometimes real-life imitates comics

Such was the fate of Captain Jackson of Jackson, Michigan.

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I'm curious how much of the story was crafted to sound like a comic-read, and how much of it just naturally evolved in the research for the article. The whole thing sounds like a Daniel Clowes written superhero story.

But there's something so post-Watchmen about the whole thing, so very, very revealing about people through the events of the whole incident.

And do these not sound like a few panels from DKR?

Some locals said they were relieved to know Captain Jackson's true identity. Laurie Searing, 45, paused from her downtown shopping this week to question Captain Jackson's authority.
"I would like to be his nemesis," she said. "His clothes should be more loose-fitting. He's a self-appointed superhero. I don't think you should do that."

His nemesis? Although badly dressed, Cap was raising money for charities. He was helping grannies across the street. But his pants were too tight?

As odd a fixture as The League believes Captain Jackson might have been on the streets of Jackson, MI, The League is fairly sure there were worse things Captain Jackson could have been doing than trying to inspire people with acts of kindness and generosity.

We all talk a good game, but when it comes down to it, it drives us crazy to see someone actually try to do something unusual, even if its helping out others.

Of interest perhaps only to The League, this all has a familiar ring to it. Dark Knight Returns? Watchmen? JSA? Captain Carrot and his Zoo Crew? All contained heroes being disgraced and forced into retirement, usually because the heroes were eventually revealed to actually be human.

We at The League of Melbotis can can only sit idly by. Life imitates comics.

Also, it should be noted that Michigan is now down a superhero.

Ahem. Jill. Ahem.

Look, all I'm saying is "Captain Kalamazoo" has a certain ring to it.

See Captain Jackson's own website here.

Story originally found at The Beat.

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