Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The League Taste Tests Coca-Cola Blak
(imagine a little dash over the "a" in Blak)

aka: My Coke has an Identity Crisis

Coca-Cola Corp decided some time ago to start playing mad scientist in their R&D division. From this infusion of R&D dinero we've had some interesting concoctions.

Coke with lemon pledge.
Coke with Lime.
Coke Zero.
Booze ready vanilla coke.

I heard Tina Fey say something about Coke with coffee in it on Saturday Night Live. The League loves him some Coke, but we REALLY loves us some coffee. Parched and tired from my journey to AZRD on Saturday night, I was looking for something refreshing yet full of amphetamines to really get me going.

And, By GOD, they had new Coke BlaK (imagine a little line over the "a" in Blak).

What does The Coca-Cola company have to say for their new product? Well, check it out (and dig the loungy music).

Jamie was skeptical, especially given the debacle which was the Jones Soda Holiday Feast, but, folks, we at League HQ must continue to find ways to assist you, the consumer.

I was a bit a'feared, not having Steanso to back me up, so I invited JLA'er and recent widower Ralph (Elongated Man) Dibny to assist me in trying out the new beverage. And, as always, Jeff the Cat.

Jeff wisely tries to separate himself from the fun

What of the bouquet?

Apparently I have cat hair all over my shirt, plus some sort of stain I hadn't noticed. I should have worn my white lab coat.

It smells like Coke with coffee in it. Or possibly coffee with Coke in it. Sweet, but bitter. Like when a rabbit goes evil

For some cockamamie reason Jamie believes ice will somehow dilute the test. Well, being a man of science, The League decides to try both ways.

fizzy, but not threateningly fizzy

I decide it looks okay and smells weird. Like there's coffee in my Coke.

bottoms up! The first taste is always the hardest.

Longing for yesteryear...

Huh. The first sip is seriously weird. Lots of carbonation and a very sweet coffee flavor, like cold coffee with too much sugar in it. Not necessarily a bad thing. When I was five I used to sneak drinks of my mom's coffee when she wasn't looking. It tastes like that. At first.


Wait. What the hell is that? Now it tastes like Coke. Sort of. I think I can still taste coffee, but I'm not sure. How can a liquid have more than one flavor? Clearly the makers of this drink are up to some serious mad science. I have no idea what I'm drinking.

I consult with Elongated Man, and he suggests I try some crushed ice before I make a verdict.

Not just embued with stretchy powers, Ralph is also a top notch detective.

At this point I'm not really clear on whether I should be drinking this stuff for breakfast, with a burger, smoking a cigarette to be hip (although I'm thinking a Kool is the sort of cigarette this soda deserves), or if it should be 4:00 AM, I'm delirious and no longer care what I drink. But a little ice can't hurt.



Is it Coke in my coffee?

Or Coffee in my Coke?

Either way, it's... I dunno.

The League, delighted to try out a soda and not wanting to barf. Sometimes it's the little things, Leaguers.

I can't figure out who thought this would be a big seller. It's coffee and Coke. If you're a fan of sweetened cold folgers and you love Coke, man, I may have a product for you. Otherwise, really, I can't imagine ever buying this stuff again. I'll probably finish the 4-pack it came in, but I expect this stuff will disappear faster than Crystal Pepsi.

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