Thursday, May 11, 2006

Some Interesting Tidbits

Justice League Heroes will be coming out soon. If you own a console and you do not buy this game, you are some sort of weirdo.

Here is a page where you can download the trailer.

You can even play The Flash, J'onn or Zatanna. Now that, Leaguers, is a Justice League game.

If I had to guess, they're going to be fighting the White Martians.

The final episode of JLU will air on Saturday night. I'll probably post more about this on, but this show surpassed all expectations. Unfortunately, it's a lot more expensive to make a new cartoon than just buying some Japanese stuff. (Thank you, Cartoon Network, for Bobobobobo)

The Superman Homepage is reporting that a Superman documentary entitled "Look, Up in the Sky" will air on A&E in June. I will keep you all posted.

Comic Book Resources has it's 10th Anniversary. If you like comics, you should be visiting this site.

It's the 10th Anniversary of Kingdom Come, the groundbreaking work by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. This comic helped redefine the superhero comic for the last ten years. You can find echoes of this work in both Infinite Crisis and Civil War.

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