Monday, June 12, 2006

Quick bits

I had a totally weird dream this morning that Jamie was going to leave me for some dude in a a Camaro wearing a tanktop. I was so disappointed.

In order to get revenge, I told he she had to take Lucy.

Also, the world was ending and I fell off of one of those electric carts at the grocery because the EMP from a nuclear strike made the cart suddenly jerk to a halt.

Poll Position:

Here's how the last poll fell out

My reaction to the new Superman movie is best described as:

-Super excited: 39%/ 13 votes
-Afraid to tell League movie may be disappointing. He may crack. 15%/ 5 votes
-Judging from his trunks, he really is a super man... 3%/ 1 vote
-Not the same without Ned Beatty. But, hey, what is? 6%/ 2 votes
-They really missed the boat by not casting that "Kelso" guy from "That 70's Show". To me, Ashton IS Superman. 6% / 2 votes
-So stunned I silently pee'd my pants. Usually I do this while shrieking. 6%/ 2 votes
-Screw that! I'm waiting for the new Lohan movie "Just My Luck" 3%/ 1 vote
-The portrayal of Krypton is entirely inaccurate. As we all know, Jor-L lived in a city of wonders, not glass. Also, I have never kissed a girl. 21%/ 7 votes

33 votes total

Well done, Leaguers. The next poll is now available.

Funny because it's true...

In case you missed it in the comments section, Maxwell sent along this link to an eerily accurate cartoon...

Holy Entrepreneurship, Batman!

Joanne P. sent this pic in, along with the following dialog...

Batman: Robin! What have you done!
Robin: Holy inflation, Batman! Giving tours of the Cave was our only option.

Batman Fan Film

Speaking of Batman, here's another very, very nice Batman fan film.

Superman Returns Reviews

It seems Warner Bros. had a press screening of Superman Returns over the weekend and spoiler-free reviews are beginning to trickle in. The reviews I've seen have been very positive, with even one troll from AICN bringing in a grudging "Good, but not great". The movie clocked at 2 hours, 37 minutes. So, you know, the inevitable director's cut is going to be Lord of the Rings sized.

Possible RSS Feed

Jim D. may be given free reign over LoM for a little while as he attempts to implement an RSS feed. I've had zero success with implementing such a feature, but Jim D. believes it can be done.

The Dark Knight Lego

Jamie has constructed both the Lego Batmobile and Batwing. I shall take some photos.

World Cup Fever

I am now down in the office pool, falling somewhere behind Tom. For some reason I picked Japan over Australia.

Why Superman

Wow. You know, you guys have been asking for years for that one, and it sort of went over like a lead zeppellin.


Why must we spell it "dood"? Stop it. Stop it now.

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