Monday, August 14, 2006

Letter from Nathan

Hi Ryan,

I thought this might be of interest to you and Superman fans around theLeague.

When I found out earlier this year that the "Richard Donner Cut" of Superman II would be coming out in the fall, I began to wonder if all the product placements would still be in the film. After all, wasn't some 75%of the footage for Supes II already in the can when the Salkinds wrested the film away from Donner? And then wasn't it re-shot? The memo on this page seems to indicate that as late as 1979, new footage was being shot for product placements (and more action). The document is from Marlboro, who received an amazing 20 mentions in the film. A far cry from "You know, you really shouldn't smoke, Lois."

I'm thinking the Donner cut will have fewer product placements. By the way, the current "Superman Returns" also reminded me of this whole thing when Superman drank himself a tall cool Budweiser with Jimmy Olsen. And then went flying to save that airplane! (editor's note: in Superman Returns) Not a good message.


We all saw Superman III, and we're just glad Superman didn't manage to get his "mean drunk" on. Although I remember, as a kid, almost jumping out of my seat when Clark kicked Red-K Superman's @ss. I need to review again, but did Superman hook up with the blonde in Superman III? I kind of think he might have...

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