Tuesday, November 28, 2006

second announcement

Hey, Leaguers!

This here is your second announcement regarding the 2006 Holiday Spectacular.

The tree is up. The lights are bright. We're filled with Christmas Fever. It's time for me to re-announce the 2006 Holiday Spectacular. We're begging for RSVP's, so please send one by clicking on the Justice League image at the top-left of this website or posting to the comments section. (definite "no's" are also welcome)

Where: League HQ (if you need directions, send me an e-mail and RSVP by clicking on the picture of the Justice League at the top, left-hand corner of the website)

When: December 9th. We open the doors at 7:00.

What: A festive holiday gathering.

What to bring: It's not a requirement, but we're suggesting that you BYOB. Sorry. I think we have a healthy number of people coming, and I can't afford to fill all of you with the Holiday Spirit. We will have some stuff on hand, but we appreciate a little extra help.

If you want to bring a snacky thing (as some have mentioned), go nuts. It's a party. Nobody is turning down any food.

What to wear: The temptation for Holiday parties is to get a little dolled up. I am not going to stop you, but if I have to guess, I think I'll be wearing jeans, a novelty t-shirt under a button down cotton shirt, and some sneakers. If you want to look fabulous, that's your call.

What not to do: Burn my house down, do anything to draw the attention of the authorities (such as burning my house down), declare S. Austin an independent state, pick a fight, let Mel drive. We will also be happy to call cabs for anyone who needs one.

Who should come: You. You're reading this, so I'd like for you to come. Maybe. And we're kinda-sorta cool with a friend in tow, but inviting the whole accounting team from your office is generally discouraged. The whole accounting team tends to draw the cops.

Some extra incentives for showing up:

-Jamie has been practicing some carols, so we hope folks will join her in singing some Christmas ditties. If you have requests, send them in now. Keep it clean.

-Door prizes! We will hit the "Dollar General" and have a drawing at some point in the evening

-Firelogs on DVD

-my iPod will have a rockin' Holiday-themed playlist

-It will be Cousin Susan's 29th Birthday

-If we're lucky, it may be Ellie Gamble's Birthday

-There is the possibility of a pair of extra special guests from out of town

-See Mel and Lucy in their Holiday Finery

-Steven Harms performs 1-Man, 8-Act version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

-We can even conference call in RHPT

-After too many eggnogs, Jason will make an awkward pass at a yet-to-be-selected girl, but give up half-way through

So RSVP!!! Let us know if we can expect to see you joining in the merriment and festivities. It's the @#$%ing Holidays! Let's get together and have some fun.

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