Saturday, December 02, 2006


Turkey Day is almost upon us. This year I shall do my part to make the Holidays totally rad for all. This year, I pledge not to:

-consume an entire 23 lb. turkey by myself
6% 1-vote

-collect a $7 cover charge at the door
0% 0 -votes

-keep asking if we can watch something other than football
6% 1-vote

-mention a single, solitary time how much Katie Couric bugs me if she hosts the Thanksgiving Day Parade for CBS
6% 1-vote

-hold Doug hostage
0% 0-votes

-teach the young ones about the circle of life by killing the turkey with my bare hands before their terrified eyes
19% 3-votes

-let Mel serve dinner
19% 3-votes

-force Jamie to dress as a turkey
6% 1-votes

-insist we pray for the success and safety of the Justice League of America as they protect our shores and skies from the Legion of Doom
13% 2-votes

-stay sober through dinner
25% 4-votes

16 votes total

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