Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Exciting Evening

Well, tonight we went to dinner with Stuart and Hilary down at Threadgill's on Barton Springs. We had a nice chat and caught up a little. Hope to see them at the Holiday Spectacular.

We were departing town via S. Lamar, in the lane to turn west on 6th (and then out to MoPac). We'd pulled up to the light, and I was having a thought I was about o express when I heard two loud bangs. It took me a split second, but I realized the car next to me in the right lane had been hit by the car behind them. Hard. However, the second car was not at fault as the second car had originally been struck with tremendous force by a third car. The third car must not have even slowed down as they approached the intersection.

As Jamie rolled down her window to ask if the woman in the car next to us was okay, for some reason, that lady rolled up her window. Her car was bad damaged, but I honestly didn't get a good look.

The damage to the second and third car was enormous. The second car was, of course, crushed in at both the front and rear. The front of the third car was flattened, the car had bounced back a few feet with the impact, and had some sort of steam seemed to be shooting out of the side of the third car.

It's amazing what you see in a few seconds when the adrenaline kicks in.

You may not know the Lamar/ 6th Street intersection (just South of Waterloo), but it's largely penned in. There is no shoulder to pull off on. There is no way to do anything but remain in your car. I couldn't get out and safely check on the other drivers without blocking traffic and thusly blocking routes for first responders. I was fairly certain the person in the second car MUST have sustained at least minor injuries.

So, feeling more than a little guilty, but grateful we'd been turning left, we drove off. We were glad to see EMS already en route when we reached the turn off from 6th to MoPac, but it definitely left a question mark over our heads as to the condition of the drivers.

We were home for a brief while, and I was talking to Jason on the phone regarding the Holiday when Jamie came bolting down the stairs shouting that Lucy had eaten one of her pills. Normally, I wouldn't care a whole lot, and my first inclination was to suggest we let Lucy ride it out, but this was one of Jamie's big, blood-pressure horse-pills. Jamie has very high blood pressure (no kidneys will do that), so the pill is a fairly serious dose.

We called the 24-Hour vet clinic, who, in turn, had us call Animal Poison Control (who knew there was such a thing?). I then drove to Walgreens and bought a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide, which we mixed with peanut butter in order to induce vomiting.

Lucy, unfortunately, has a stomach of cast-iron, and was having none of our induced vomiting. But she was getting very droopy. We called Poison Control back, and they had us repeat the procedure. Meanwhile, we knew the pill was dissolving in Lucy's stomach, so every time she didn't puke between 10-minute puke cycles, things were just getting worse. Unfortunately, not only did Lucy NOT puke on the second attempt, she wouldn't go anywhere near the Hydrogen Peroxide/ Peanut Butter shooter we'd prepared for her. I tried shoving it under her nose, hoping the smell alone would do the trick, but was getting no luck.

You cannot force feed a dog a liquid without a turkey baster.

Note to self, we're about to have Thanksgiving: go buy a baster.

So, anyway, we called back, and, of course, we then zoomed to the 24 Hour Clinic on Frontier and 71 to get Lucy taken care of.

Unfortunately, en route, I remembered we'd left the last peanut butter/ hydrogen peroxide mix on the floor where Mel could get it (and thusly induce vomiting). So I had to drop off Jamie and Lucy and return immediately home, pick up the bowl (which Mel had missed while he snoozed happily on the sofa), and returned to the Pet Clinic.

They gavce Lucy some injection to induce vomiting. I guess she barfed up part of the pill, and the outlook is good. She's there now being closely monitored.

BUT... for some bizarro reason this clinic does not hold a pet until the pet is better. They hold the pet until 6:30 AM when the pet can go home or go to their usual vet. So, yeah, now I have to be back at the clinic with the sunrise to pick up my dog.

Why did Lucy suddenly eat a pill, which she's never done before?

My guess is this: About two weeks ago Lucy was put on a pill to help with her allergies. She loves this pill. She thinks it's delicious for some odd reason, and likes it so much, she sits for the generic Benadryl I give her in eager anticipation of the other pill.

So, my dog now thinks pills are candy.

Jamie is on, like a hundred and eighty medications. We have pill bottles all over the house. We look like a pharmacy/ pushers'-haven. Now we have to worry about Little Miss getting into all kinds of dangerous stuff. Hurray!

This is, I think, the third time Lucy has been to the vet for eating something she isn't supposed to eat. At least this time it's not a rock.

So, I hope you will forgive the brief list for Interactivity Day 4. It's all I can muster.

I'm going to bed so I can get up and reclaim my ridiculous dog.

Things can come at you fast. Even right before Thanksgiving.


I went to pick up Lucy this morning at 6:30. She is doing very well. They tell me her blood pressure stayed very constant all night, so she got to come home immediately this morning. Mostly she's just very happy to be home and being a bit of a baby. She's usually a bit of a baby, so I'm taking that as a good sign.

Right now she is outside in very cold weather with Mel. I am hoping they will both go whizzle and go to sleep so I can get a little more shut-eye in this morning before people start to show up.

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