Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Day Re-Cap

Last night I went to bed with what I would describe as stomach cramps. There has been some speculation that I was tense and nervous regarding hosting Thanksgiving. I, personally, attribute it to my exhaustion from the previous night's journey to the Doggy ER, mixed with possibly a case of indigestion and/ or food poisoning from Short Stop (which I had for lunch).

So, anyway, Wednesday night my folks came into town, followed closely by Heather "Daredevil" Wagner. Wagner is staying at my house as part of her Turkey Day Holiday, back from Lubbock where she is attending grad school.

We had dinner last night with the parents, Wagner, Jason and Mandy, chatted for a while, and then played a game called "Balderdash" (FYI: The League totally dominated).

This morning I woke up not feeling right. I had some coffee, some coffee cake, etc... but mostly I just wanted to lay there and watch the parade. I don't know what was wrong with me, but I felt pretty bad, but as I didn't think I had the flu or anything, I wasn't too concerned. People kept trying to get me to help, but when I'd stand up, I just wanted to sit back down and maybe go to sleep. Jason arrived fairly early with Cassidy in tow.

Eventually, around 11:30, I gave up on the lame/rain-drenched Macy's Parade and crawled back into bed with Jeff the Cat.

I was up and showering by 12:30. About 1:30 our other guests arrived. Tom and Marlene Leih, Cousin Sue, then Juan and Matt, followed closely by DK and Liz (Jason's friends have become Steans Family friends, and Liz and DK are now a Steans-Family Thanksgiving staple. Like yams. If they ever skip out on us for Thanksgiving, it just won't be Turkey Day.).

I felt sort of out of sorts, and had felt queasy in the morning, but I love deviled eggs, and DK had brought some as an appetizer. I figured they were a great way to see if my stomach would hold for dinner. After I ate two, I decided I was in the clear, and began to attribute my fainting feeling to a lack of food since the Short Stop meal.

We had a CRAZY amount of food. Including the stuffing Jamie had made, whichw as enough to feed a battalion. She had doubled her family recipe, and somehow this equated a metric ton of stuffing. At least it was good. We're just going to be eating stuffing for the next four weeks.

Turkey turned out well. Nice company. No real awkward pauses. Nobody went off the rails into discussion of sex/religion/ politics, and by the end of dinner I was right as rain.

So, anyhow, after that was lots of chatting, playing with dogs, and eating of pie. All very Norman Rockwellesque.

Eventually our guests departed, only to resume the festivities tomorrow for the UT/A&M game.

We're going to be serving stuffing. Come on by.

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