Wednesday, December 06, 2006

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I don't have much blogworthy at the moment. But I did want to recommend Justice Society of America #1. If you haven't hit a comic shop this week, or if you have and DIDN'T pick up Justice Society of America... anyway, this relaunch is a perfect opportunity to start reading a new book by a terrific creative team.

Plus, this is The League's second favorite superhero team (no points to whomever guesses my first favorite super-team, but my third favorite... there's a good question. Answer it, and you get a Mellie)

Justice Society of America #1

Also, while I'm bugging you...

Absolute DC: The New Frontier

I just received DC's "New Frontier Absolute Edition" in the mail. One of the most underappreciated comics in years. Obviously DC knew what it had, and set about getting an Absolute Edition on the shelves.

I understand a lot of readers dismissed the series when it was initially released as "too cartoony". I was actually shocked at my LCS in Phoenix that the guys behind the counter had never even HEARD of the series (way to keep up with product, fellas). The folks who dismissed Darwyn Cooke's art as cartoony missed the point. Cooke was doing retro-stylized stuff well before The Incredibles brought it to the big screen, utilizing the stylistic trappings to capture the essence of an era.

One heck of a book.

More here...

For folks looking for a Right Stuff meets superheroes...

Absolute DC: The New Frontier

Superman Classified #2

And because I'm feeling good about Darwyn Cooke, why not mention the Superman comic he's currently writing (and the amazing Tim Sale is drawing). This new series tells tales from any period in Superman's career prior to whatever qualifies as The Present.

Cooke and Sale absolutely nail an early-career Superman and the Planet staff. Also, their depiction of Lois is the rarely glimpsed version which reminds readers what sort of person would interest The Man of Steel.


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