Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I do not post everything that comes my way. People who send me links know this. I don't even post a lot of the really funny and good stuff that comes my way. Sometimes I mean to post something and forget.

Anyway, RHPT sent me something the other day that just really stuck with me.

Tokyo should design a skyskraper in the shape of Godzilla: HERE

Truly an idea of unrivaled genius. And, I tell you this: as much as I've always wanted to do a multie-week trip to the Pacific Rim, this would be a deal-closer for me. To stay in the hotel in Godzilla's belly or leg would rival any other experience of my life.

Nathan Cone of TPR San Antonio has sent me his review (upon my request, though I also take unsolicited reviews, Leaguers) of the Richard Donner cut of Superman II.

Nathan is a connoisseur of all kinds of film, so I take his opinion very seriously. That said, Jamie, Jason and I watched the movie the other day, and I am in almost 100% agreement with Nathan.

Super News for Super Fans
by Nathan Cone

Director's cuts are a dime a dozen on DVD these days. Packaging boasts of "five extra minutes" of footage or "uncensored scenes." More often than not, the extra footage inserted into a film is unnecessary. But occasionally there is a DVD with extra footage that stands out as something special, and "Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut" fits that description.


No, really. Go read it and then you can come back.

I confess to finding the Jor-El scenes far more powerful in the Donner version, and especially the manner in which Superman must make his choice to "become mortal" (which doesn't have a clearly stated logic in the Lester version). The scene is far more heart-breaking, as is the follow-up scene when Clark returns to the fortress.

I need to review the movie again with the director's commentary before I say much more.

Jim D, what hast though wrought...?

This evening Steven Harms (whom I met through JimD) invited Jamie and I out for a night of trivia competition at Mother Egan's. In the mix were Alfredo Garcia, a gentlemen I did not know, but who, apparently knows Jason from the Travis County Courthouse (where he works as a prosecutor, not because he's frequently arrested). Later, a young woman and gentleman sat down at the table, and after introductions, I learned this was Molly of the now defunct "Osakatomebaby.com", one of the earliest blogs of the now defunct JimD blogring.

Go figure.

So, despite Steven's early departure, I ended up having a great deal of fun with four people I didn't really know. Such is the nature of a good beer and trivia (the answer was Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, not Sunny Dale Puppy Farm. My apologies.).

It turns out Molly's beau (Andy, I think. It was loud in there, and I'm totally deaf thanks to NIN, circa 1991) works at Channel 8 here in Austin. I LOVE Channel 8 and watch it constantly. And as we spoke, I realized I'd seen Andy on TV doing on of Channel 8's "Web Sightings" segments just a few days ago. Also, he was with Amy Hadley (the hardest working woman in the news business) when Amy was forced to stand in the cold the other day when it was like 20 degrees out and windy.

He also promised to slip my name in next time he has to host the "Web Sightings" segment. Whoo-hoo! It's the little things.

So I've invited all the folks from Trivia to the Holiday Party.

If that doesn't work out, post-Christmas we'll do something. In the menatime, I need to get my head cleared so I'm ready for Trivia Night once again. Oh, and NEVER fold the paper. That's a 1-point deduction.

Anyway, all of this got me thinking: JimD, move to Austin. What are you doing? Why are you so far away? Move to Austin. We'll buy you a beer. This night never would have happened without JimD. So where is he? He's not at trivia night. I tell you that much.


We have napkins. I think I have 60 napkins. I probably need to buy more. I also have paper plates. But, for some reason, no cups. I need to buy booze and egg nog.

We have put in orders for the following:

-2 Baskin Robbin Yule Log Ice Cream Cake Rolls. 1 Mint, 1 Chocolate Chip.
-1 Cheeses platter. Apparently one of the cheeses comes in the shape of border outline of the Great State of Texas. We shall also buy crackers to go with that
-1 tray of small sandwiches.
-Jamie will be providing cookies. Delicious cookies.
-We will probably have out some chips
-I will buy some olives at the HEB, because I learned the expensive way at Central Market that I like olives.

If you would like to provide any additional food, please feel free to do so. BYOB is not required, but HIGHLY recommended.

I have also obtained a stainless steel firepit, for which I need to obtain some fuel. Smokers banished to the back porch will now have a heat source. And a very large lighter.

Also, all signs point to an appearance by Rami. And that's just good news for everyone.

Hope to see you there.

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