Saturday, December 30, 2006

For JimD: I Now Own Superpup

Holy Smokes. It appears that the Superman Ultimate Collector's Set ALSO includes the long-lost (never aired) pilot for Superpup.

Read up on Superpup here.

Pointing toward the parties responsible for this atrocity

It is badly recorded, utilizes the highly recognizable sets from "The Adventures of Superman", and a lot of expensive masks. That said, the production quality is sort of like a mash of "Adventures of Superman" and "Banana Splits". You can't say there's not a lot of energy and enthusiasm, but somehow the thing never gels, mostly because the mouths of the characters only partially move, and the voices attributed the achracters are uniformly awful.

This is some high grade nightmare fuel, and worthy of a Doug-viewing. National Periodical Publications made the right decision in shelving this particular gem.


Anonymous said...

There is no greater news than this.

- JD

RHPT said...

Superpup kind of freaks me out.

Anonymous said...

RHPT is scared of Superpup!

- JD

The League said...

Probably with good reason if he's seen the show.