Saturday, December 30, 2006

Testing new formats

Don't get too excited. I'm trying new templates out. This isn't the final look. Nor is it the final functionality.

Re: comments - I am abandoning Haloscan for the integrated comments offered by Blogger. You shouldn't have to register to leave comments, but you may need to verify by using one of them text boxes. We're trying to avoid spam.

I am not even settled on the text sitting on the left. So, you know, check in to see changes. And while your input is always welcome, I'm going to do what I'm going to do, as always. If you have a really neat idea: super. is free to use. Go nuts.

I'll be seeking assistance on feedburner, etc... in fairly short order.


Anonymous said...


-Fake Nathan (actually The League)

J.S. said...

This is not my beautiful blog.
This is not my beautiful League.

Anonymous said...

You should adjust the text column so it is wider.

The League said...

Randy, remember when I said I wasn't done...