Monday, January 08, 2007

two things

Congrats to Univ. of Florida. They played an absolutely great game, dominating OSU for the vast majority of the game.

Also, about a week ago Jamie and I were driving past an empty shell of one of the Albertson's grocery stores that had pulled out of Austin. "We should open something in that," Jamie said.
"What could we do with superheroes?"
"Well," I said looking at the decaying grocery. "I have no idea. It's about 20 times larger than a comic shop."
"We could do, like, a superhero place," Jamie said. "Like, we could throw superhero birthday parties and have a super hero restaurant, and sell superhero stuff. Like capes and shields and other superhero gadgets."
"Wow. Well, that sounds pretty good for kids, but..." the idea of running something that complicated sounded like a bit of a nightmare.

But maybe these guys in Brooklyn have done it right. Maxwell, I'm dispatching you to check it out.

Thanks to RHPT for the link.


Anonymous said...

Can't you just turn it into League HQ?

Anonymous said...

You forgot the most important part! We would let people dress up like superheroes and take their pictures. We would then photoshop them doing super acts. I think kids would love to have a picture of themselves dressed as Spidey.

The League said...

I think Jamie's idea has some potential, but we'd need to license with DC and Marvel. If anyone wants to work with her on a business plan, go nuts.

I don't know if I am ready to live in an abandoned grocery, so I am not sure it shall become League HQ.

Laura said...

That place looks rad. I'll check it.