Tuesday, March 27, 2007



Sorry I didn't call. And sorry about the rain on your birthday. I had this whole fan-dancer routine worked out I was going to perform in your yard, but it'll have to wait until a sunnier day.

Whenever I think of your birthday, I think of the time we all went rollerskating, you got kicked in the head with a skate, and we all gave up and watched Conan: The Destroyer at your house. You were seriously jacked up, but we all liked the movie. Leave it to your mom to have Conan on tap for a "plan B". Good lady, that Mrs. Peabo.

Also, one year, we went to Malibu and you totally smoked my sorry self on the track.


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely wish will heal up Peabo's anger or dissappointment...a very happy birthday from me too...have a look at my blog to check out some cool tips on birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Call me when the shuttle lands, Linda Ringwood.

The League said...

That was odd. Well, advertisers now support Peabo's B-Day, too. Maybe we can get a sponsor.

Anonymous said...

How do these people find you? And can there be a longer sequence of letters that I have to type in to comment? I think this one covers almost every letter in the alphabet.