Wednesday, March 28, 2007

League Links

Nathan was recently here for SXSW. He's a bit of a journalista for Texas Public radio in San Antone...

here's some of his reporting. Go to about minute 20.

here's more

And the Texas Matters site

Neil Gaiman's Stardust is now a movie.



Yes, you can have my $8.00.

And, a timely comic strip...

It's my understanding that the nation of Turkey is a fascinating place with a culture thousands of years old, rich in the arts, and generally not a bad place as long as you don't ride the Midnight Express.

But, here, I don't think they even tried...


J.S. said...

Man, can someone explain to me why I'm 34 years old and still looking forward to an event involving The Transformers as one of the potential highlights of my summer?

Steven said...

Quite possibly the first time the good guy looked cooler than a bad guy.

M'tron looks like the remains of a diet coke can after someone detonated an m80 in it.